Search Lion: Innovative Search Results Presentation

July 3, 2011

Short honk: You will want to explore, a newcomer to the Web search sector. The interface is clean. Enter a query in the search box and click a content type. The search results display. When you click the “open” button, the Web site displays in the white space on the right hand panel of the interface. Click the title and you open the link in a full browser window. The idea is that I did not navigate away from the results list to see a Web site.

In a blog post, the company highlighted two interesting features in its blog post “The Bing Imperative”:

The ability to open search results right on the search page. The ability to view different types of search results at the same time.

At this time, SearchLion is presenting search results from Google or Yahoo within its service. SearchLion suggests it will offer its own index in the near future. Worth a look at how the company is approaching “user experience.”

Stephen E Arnold, July 3, 2011

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