Yahoo BOSS API V2 Here, V1 on Way Out

July 14, 2011

Yahoo Search BOSS API V2 is Paid, V1 Gone in Two Weeks,” reports programmable web. Programmers who employ Yahoo! BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) have known the change to a paid service was coming since last October. The new version includes HTTPs support, SQL and YQL support, News Service enhancements, and documentation upgrades. The feature writer Romin Irani most appreciates, though, is daily usage limit specification:

Top of the list is the ability for developers to specify their daily usage limits. You can now specify a daily dollar limit for your service consumption and you can modify that as needed. This is especially important in a paid service since developers might not be prepared for an increased bill in case of a sudden spike in usage.

The fee structure was detailed back in February 2011 by Juan Carlos Perez in “Yahoo Sets Fees for BOSS Search Developer Program” at PCWorld:

The top-tier option, called Full Web, includes result links to general Web pages, images and news articles, and will cost US$0.80 per 1,000 queries, Yahoo said on Tuesday. A less expensive tier, Limited Web, will draw its results from a smaller index that isn’t refreshed as often as the one Full Web uses and costs $0.40 per 1,000 queries. Yahoo will also offer developers options for an image-only index ($0.30 per 1,000 queries) and for a news article-only index ($0.10 per 1,000 queries).

So, if you have apps that rely on BOSS V1, be sure to transition right away. I did a quick check of my list of sites using BOSS. was alive and ticking. The others. Flatlined.

Cynthia Murrell July 13, 2011

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