Search Engine Optimization Thrashing

July 20, 2011

The addled goose is not into clicks. The goose is near retirement. The content he posts is primarily an aide de memoire. The topics he covers are of interest to a few believers in precision and recall, not 20 something and faux consultant court jesters.

Adam Audette’s article on, “Weighing In-House vs. Agency SEO Enterprise Search Strategies” is a two handed grasp at finding something that will work for the SEO crowd. Audette makes valid arguments for utilizing in-house SEO’s as well as agencies.

The primary weakness of the in-house SEO role is that of myopia. Not in the sense of a lack of imagination, but in a pervading nearsightedness that’s almost inescapable. The in-house is so deeply immersed in her industry, her company, and her sites, that she can’t see the forest for the trees. Even worse, she becomes out of touch with where the industry is trending.


This conundrum is where an outside agency is beneficial. Their workload is often much more diversified and have large pools of people and resources to contact and brainstorm should the need arise, they are the ones responsible for SEO on a daily basis.

Audette’s solution to the problem is a “dream team” built of in-house, agency and consultants working together in harmony.I’m not entirely sure that it will play out that way.

Our view is that SEO can chew up a lot of cash for iffy results in the post-Panda world. In order to control costs, organizations clinging to the icons of the SEO faith will want to do in the cubes of the organization’s marketing department. For outfits flush with bucks to pump into the third part experts’ pockets, performance, not promises, are going to be needed.

Can the SEO industry survive and thrive? Absolutely. PT Barnum had it nailed.

Stephen E Arnold, July 20, 2011

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