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July 21, 2011

We’ve found an interesting roundup of Autonomy-related information on the Repsol deal at E-Business Library. What is interesting is that the page looks as if it were assembled automatically. Does Panda have a way to discern auto generated pages.

But automated or not, there’s a lot of information, and Autonomy should be quite happy with whoever created the Repsol page. Here’s an example from one of the documents snippetized by the service. The source is a this press release which sums up the Autonomy Repsol agreement this way:

“Autonomy Corporation plc (LSE: AU. or AU.L), a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced that Repsol, Spain’s largest oil and gas company, has selected Autonomy’s cornerstone technology, IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) and Autonomy Virage for knowledge management across the enterprise.”

Repsol is a huge company with a LOT of infrastructure to manage. Autonomy provides expert tools for managing and analyzing information, including unstructured data, with their IDOL suite of products. In addition, Autonomy Virage is one of the leaders in video and audio search. Repsol employees will now be able to harness this power to manage their wealth of information and to share across their global operation. Sounds like a good choice.

Check out the roundup of articles at E-Business for more information. If you want to know what Autonomy is doing, you can navigate to The firm does a good job of posting information in a timely manner about its deals.

Programmers at Web indexing engines have their work cut out for them. Novices in search may have difficulty discerning the gems published by the addled goose from the pages generated from unknown methods.

Cynthia Murrell July 21, 2011

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