Connectbeam May Be Disconnected

July 29, 2011

Short honk: The Web site is down and listed as available on GoDaddy. The company was an enterprise  social search vendor. Here’s what I have from one of my Overflight files:

Founded in 2006, Connectbeam provides modern Web services applications to enterprises and their employees. The underlying premise behind Connectbeam’s application is that informal social networks already exist inside all companies and with the right platform, those networks will grow in practical value through efficient information sharing and expert-colleague discovery. Connectbeam was the first company to integrate concepts of social book-marking and tagging with those of social networking specifically for the enterprise. The Connectbeam application resides securely behind your corporate firewall easily deployed as a physical appliance enhancing information-sharing and collaboration in the daily work-flow of enterprise employees, boosting their innovation, improving their decision-making, intensifying their collaboration, and helping them to build valuable relationships across the company, effortlessly. Connectbeam, headquartered in Mountain View, California, is venture-backed and privately held.

If anyone has information, please, post it using the comments section of the blog.

Stephen E Arnold, July 29, 2011

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