StoredIQ Releases New eDiscovery App

August 31, 2011

StoredIQ, one of the leading companies in the field of internet-based legal discovery has just announced the release of StoredIQ Integrated Legal Hold, a product designed to streamline the legal hold process. Integrating many different aspects of the discovery process, including notification, acknowledgement, and collection and preservation, this new package is intended to simplify the process for users. We learned:

We want to change the customer mindset to define Legal Hold as not just the simple act of notifying custodians to preserve relevant data, but see it as a holistic process that includes notification tightly coupled with the collection and preservation of responsive data,” said Amir Jaibaji, vice president of product management for StoredIQ.

The product makes it easier for companies to comply with all aspects of case law, a process which, in the past, was a daunting task for those involved. By integrating Legal Hold with DiscoveryIQ, the company’s eDiscovery application, all aspects of the discovery process are contained in one simple, easy-to-use program. This is all part of StoredIQ’s plan to not only ease the process, but to redefine the Legal Hold concept itself – to consider it a “holistic process” in which every step is part of the same overall plan.

Jody Barnes, August 31, 2011

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