Why Intuitive Design is Amazing

December 5, 2011

SEO is a buzzword that everyone knows but no one really understands. We all know that good SEO can bring Web traffic to our web sites but its difficult to explain exactly how it all works. I would like to share with you a recent article that attempts to outline not only what SEO is, but why it is necessary for your business.

SitePoint reported this week on the importance of not only incorporating, but prioritizing, search engine optimization (SEO) in the article “Why SEO Comes First

Throughout the article, writer Alex Mason pontificates on the failures of Web designers and the success of SEO practitioners when it comes to marketing a business successfully.

Mason states:

Web designers are hurting the search marketing industry at the very source. When clients whose understanding is only as good as the person who is telling them think that SEO is what web designers do, we’re at the bottom of a big uphill battle. It’s generally up to the SEO to then clean up the mess and rectify the oversights the developers and clients between themselves have left.” In all the time that Mason spends dissing web designers and ephasizing the importance of keyword research and traffic acquisition, he forgets to mention the most important factor –producing good content. Solely focusing on getting traffic and hoping that information value will just come along for the ride is silly and short sighted. This article is an indication of the sad state of intellectual effort today.

Our view is that “intuitive design” can veer from useful to lipstick on a pig. The notion of content is equally slippery. Gossip may be more valuable to some Web users than more substantive types of information. The loss of precision and recall as ways to measure search signals more than a nuisance for search vendors. The loss makes clear that substance is of less value than Revlon hot pink.

Jasmine Ashton, December 5, 2011

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