New Search Engines Just for Mobile Apps

January 9, 2012

We’ve found a couple of new app search engines to check out. The Next Web concluded that “Appgravity is Like a Better Google Search for Android Apps.”  Appgravity lets users search the Android Market by name or keywords, with category and list-order features. A convenient button takes the decisive straight to the Market’s Download or Purchase page. Reviewer Martin Bryant found the interface and filtering options to be better than the Market’s built in search. More improvements are planned.

The article observes:

It certainly sounds like the team has had an uphill struggle to build a third-party service that works with the Android Market. ‘We, along with a few other companies and developers, have effectively reverse engineered the Android Market’s public API,’ says [Appgravity’s] Dickens. ‘There is a very tight-knit but open community hosted by Google centered around this “API” which really exists more for Android and its close partners’ use.’

Interesting development. Another contender is Quixey, which does not restrict itself to Android’s store. “You can find apps on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Facebook, web and more!” it promises. The service is still in beta, but the start-up has high hopes for its Functional Search, which it developed specifically for apps. See their About page for more on how that works.

Can we expect more entries in this new specialization?

Cynthia Murrell, January 9, 2012

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One Response to “New Search Engines Just for Mobile Apps”

  1. ikhan on February 22nd, 2012 5:03 am

    How about ? They seem to be better than quixley or appgravity.

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