When SharePoint Training Falls Short

January 12, 2012

SharePoint is an expansive and time intensive implementation for any organization.  Therefore, much attention has been devoted to SharePoint training in enterprise circles.  SharePoint Engine offers one viewpoint of SharePoint training in, “How to Cope When SharePoint Training Doesn’t Connect.”

Within the context of the web site’s attention to the issue of training, they state:

We’re [sic] spent plenty of time emphasizing the importance of SharePoint training, even taking plenty of time to tell you about effective SharePoint training techniques. Despite all our advice, though, there’s still a chance that your training just won’t hit home with your audience.  What causes this dissonance?  What can you do to prevent it?  And what can you do to fix it once it’s already happened?

The tips offered include reexamining the training, refocusing the training, reformulating the training, or even reapplying the training to see if it will stick the next time around.  We understand that SharePoint is unwieldy, and getting an entire staff to be comfortable working with the application can be tricky.  However, we wonder if such extensive training is an effective way to spend an organization’s time and budget.  Perhaps a simpler, more intuitive solution could be found to prevent such extensive workshops. 

Fabasoft Mindbreeze is a solution that is more easily implemented and more intuitively created.  The interface and search features both respond to a more natural approach:

Be well informed – quickly and accurately. The data often lies distributed across numerous sources. Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise gains each employee two weeks per through focused finding of data (IDC Studies). An invaluable competitive advantage in business as well as providing employee satisfaction.

Extensive support and training is also offered by Fabasoft, along with tutorials and online help available 24/7 on the web site.  The idea here is that extensive training should not be required for employees to be able to use such software.  

Emily Rae Aldridge, January 12, 2012

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