Wordmap Introduces Taxonomy Connectors

January 30, 2012

According to the Wordmap.com article “Wordmap Taxonomy Connectors for SharePoint and Endeca” , users will be able to use its new Taxonomy Connectors directly with Endeca. Endeca Taxonomy Connector users will have the ability to use Wordmap to handle “all of their daily management tasks.”

A few notable benefits of the Taxonomy connector are,

No configuration needed for consuming systems. It can manage the taxonomy centrally and push out only relevant sections for indexing, navigation and search and taxonomy is seamlessly integrated into the content lifecycle.

The Wordmap Taxonomy platform definitely seems to be a viable tool when it comes to managing Endeca systems and seems like a no brainer for those using the platform. However, a few questions do come to mind. If Open Source connectors enter the scene will there still be a market for Wordmap connectors or what if Oracle decides to become a little stingier with its system access policies?

Users could still find that the Wordmap Taxonomy Connectors hit the spot or they could find the platform too cumbersome and go elsewhere. Guess it depends on “Which way the wind blows.”

We have heard of a push to make open source connectors available. With some firms charging as much as $20,000 for a connector, lower cost options or open source connectors could have a significant impact on the content processing sector.

April Holmes, Janaury 30, 2012

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