Selecting the Right Enterprise Search System for Your Business

January 31, 2012

Companies looking into enterprise solutions will likely be overwhelmed by the variety of options available and may not know the first place to start when considering which product is the right fit for their needs. Susanne Koch’s recent presentation “The Landscape of Enterprise Search” on highlights some of the recent trends in enterprise search and offers advice on how to navigate through the difficult process that is understanding and choosing the appropriate enterprise system for your business. According to Koch:

Recently, many enterprise search vendors have improved the usability, performance, and functionality of their systems.

The presentation discusses several trends that are surfacing in enterprise system development and which vendors are developing these trends. For instance, Koch points out that Endeca is combining structured and unstructured data into their enterprise system to simplify search capabilities, and Microsoft is including integrated social functions to increase searchability.

With so many options available, it’s extremely important for companies to do their due diligence before deciding on an enterprise solution. And take a look that the full presentation for additional information and a suggested list of questions to ask.

As Koch suggests in her presentation:

Allow time and resources to go beyond what you, the buyer, think you want and find out what you really need.

For more information about the study to which Ms. Kock refers, click this link.

Stacey Duwe, January 31, 2012



One Response to “Selecting the Right Enterprise Search System for Your Business”

  1. Charlie Hull on January 31st, 2012 4:59 am

    Sad that the presentation really only mentioned a few of the closed source search systems available: there are a lot of other options out there!

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