Google Plus Wants the Social Pie

February 17, 2012

According to the Pandia Search and Social article “How to Benefit From Google’s Search Plus” Google is creating some waves with the release of its new Search Plus Your World (SPYW or Search+). “Google has previously said that gaining +1s can help improve your ranking for those who have directly +1ed your content, as well as for those they are connected to.”

Search+ works by only factoring in an individual’s Google+ social graph. We learned:

The key implication here is that a company’s presence on Twitter and Facebook won’t produce the same return as a presence on Google+.

Users that put a share button on their Google+ website can help gain more attention for their website which is especially important for businesses. Google+ pages need to be an integral part of the marketing scheme especially SEO marketing plans. Looks like users will have to fight their way, kicking and screaming, through another social network to reach the Google top.

April Holmes, February 17, 2012

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