Good Fit for Isotoner and SLI systems

February 29, 2012

Better grab your brolly and your gloves, readers.

Cincinnati, Ohio-based gloves and rainwear retailer totes ISOTONER has announced that its conversion rate and revenue per visit has more than doubled after implementing SLI Systems’ site search. The article, “totes-ISOTONER Adds More to the Bottom Line with Full-Service Site Search From SLI Systems,” tells us about the company’s decision to switch from the default site search on its e-commerce platform to the full-service hosted site search and to add search to its mobile site.

By selecting the site search solution SLI, the company improved the overall customer experience and ultimately revenues from its site. ISOTONER states users are spending more time browsing the site and the company has seen increased click-through activity. In the article, we learn:

“‘We liked the fact that a partnership with SLI Systems would also help us improve our SEO efforts,’ Reighley [vice president of e-commerce for totes-ISOTONER] explained. ‘The service we’ve received from SLI is amazing — we can add new content or change refinements in a much faster timeframe than with our previous site search solution. It’s also easy for us to customize merchandising — if visitors come to one of our product pages from a search engine, we can add banners showcasing the top site search results for the keyword used.’”

These types of search solutions help online retailers meet customer expectations and reduce costs, all while increasing site conversions. Business like SLI Systems allow companies to maximize results with full-service and customized solutions.

Andrea Hayden, February 29, 2012

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