Paternal Google and Input to Child in Us

March 12, 2012

I read “Google+ Executive to Critic: ‘Make Sure You’re Using It Correctly’.” I find it amusing when those not at Google tell Google what to do. I find it even more amusing when Google shifts into “paternal mode”, providing adult input much in the way a kindergarten teacher reminds a child to keep his cubby tidy. That works really well, right?

Here’s the passage I noted:

Still he [the famous Guy Kawasaki] was not satisfied and asked why Google+ sometimes seems like a ghost town. Gundotra’s response — “Make sure you’re using it correctly” — drew some chuckles as it brought to mind how Apple CEO Steve Jobs responded to criticism of Apple’s antenna attenuation problem, telling users they were holding the phone wrong. Undaunted, Gundotra [Google wizard] told Kawasaki that sometimes users post to empty circles without realizing it. Gundotra said that what people do not understand is that with Google+, Google is actually building 2.0, in other words this is the next generation of Google as a broad-based service.

Yep, when customers don’t understand a product, a little parental input is appropriate. I wonder if Sumner Redstone provided some adult input after his first meeting with Messrs. Brin and Page. I assume Mr. Redstone provided adult input to his legal team when the Viacom matter took flight. Adult-child, child-adult. Google vacillates I surmise.

My fervent hope is that precision and recall for the core search system get some love. I don’t need a Google 2.0. I need a search system that makes it easy to eliminate the ads, the SEO baloney, and the boosted content. I admit I am not an adult. I am an addled goose and not qualified to process “adult” information. Heck, I am not sure I know how to log out of Gmail. Interesting how Google is making a goose’s life more challenging.

Stephen E Arnold, March 12, 2012

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