Text Analytics Gurus Discuss the State of the Industry

March 19, 2012

Text Analytics News recently reported on an interview with Seth Grimes, the president of Alta Plana Corporation, and Tom H.C Anderson, managing partner of Odin Text- Anderson Analytics, in the article “Infinite Possibilities of Text Analytics.”

According to the article, in preparation for the 8th Annual Text Analytics Summit East in Boston, Text Analytics News reached out to these influential thinkers in the text mining field and asked them some questions regarding the state of the industry.

In response to a question regarding the changes in the approach of analysis software for unstructured data, Grimes said:

The big changes in text analytics are the embrace of and by Big Data, the development of ever-more sophisticated algorithms, and a shift in the way user invoke the technologies. Enterprises understand that a high proportion of Big Data is unstructured: Variety is one of Big Data’s three “Vs.” Text analytics providers know they have to meet challenges presented by the other two “Vs:” Volume and Velocity.

Stephen E Arnold, publisher of Beyond Search, will discuss the implications of “near term, throw forward” algorithms. Mr. Arnold will describe how injections of content can distort the outputs of certain analytic methods. At the fall 2011 conference, Mr. Arnold’s presentation provided a reminder that “objective” outputs may not be.

This is an interesting interview that would be worth checking out for those who are interested in attending the conference or just finding out a little more information about how content is analyzed. For registration information visit the Text Analytics website.

Jasmine Ashton, March 19, 2012

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