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March 26, 2012

Internet Retailing recently shared an article by SLI Systems CEO and Co-Founder Shaun Ryan. Entitled, “Guest Comment: a More Effective Approach to Optimizing Conversions – Testing Site Search and Navigation Pages.”   The lengthy story discusses ways to identify the aspects of site search and navigation you should test and determine how best to approach the testing process.

According to the article, many companies fail to test their site search and navigation properly. Which can lead to a whole lot of costs down the road. Ryan provides several tips for companies to try to avoid this problem. They include offering: optimal results per page, non-product content, merchandising banners, buy buttons, refinement options, displaying prices in search results, and several more.

When discussing the significance of “merchandising banners” Ryan states:

Are you making the best use of banners? For instance, you can benefit from strategically placing banners on ‘no results’ pages to drive people towards related items. Banners on site search and other pages are also effective for highlighting special offers, such as discounts on shipping, brands on sale, or other items you want to promote. Where you should show your banners, how big they should be, and what content you should include on them are all variables you can test.

While these are all helpful tips, what companies must keep in mind first and foremost is what you want to offer your site visitors and, even more importantly, what they want you to provide.

Jasmine Ashton, March 26, 2012

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