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April 9, 2012

To offer viable data management solutions that appeal to a variety of today’s increasingly complex, diverse, and globalized companies, product lifecycle management (PLM) products must provide high levels of scalability and customization without compromising their immediate utility and basic affordability to their users.

In their posting entitled “Objects, Attributes/Properties and User-Defined Data Elements in Aras” that appeared in the blog PLM Alpha, which provides technical information for PLM professionals, the authors explain why companies should refrain from actively seeking an “out-of-the-box” PLM solution and should instead devote effort to selecting a flexible and scalable product whose features can meet both the enterprise’s immediate and potential future PLM needs.

They emphasize that:

“The most important fact about your company’s data and process requirements is that everything is constantly changing.  Today’s requirements will not be tomorrow’s requirements.  As your company grows and responds to market opportunities and competitive pressures, the internal data and process requirements will change.”

Inforbix, with its nimble size and its customer-focused orientation, is perfectly positioned to meet this mandate and offer its clients a user-friendly, secure, cloud-based, and affordable PLM solution that will seamlessly adapt to their needs as their products and competitive landscapes change.

Tonya Weikel, April 6, 2012


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