Analytics Firm Humanizes Web Traffic Analysis

April 13, 2012

BetaKit recently reported on a new product put out by the data analysis firm known as Mixpanel in the article “Mixpanel Launches Flow to Humanize Web Traffic Analysis.”

According to the article, Flow is a free tool that gathers user information in real-time. It will hopefully raise awareness about the Mixpanel brand while driving more customers to the companies paid offerings.

The article states:

“The immediacy of feedback, combined with a focus on usable, attractive design are what help it stand out from competitive offerings. Insights that can be gleaned from the kind of information Flow provides are sometime obvious; users tend to click on links from left to right when they appear next to one another, for instance, with the left-aligned links often being clicked more frequently than the rest in navigation bars.”

While this product has some very exciting new features, it also has some limits. Unlike competitors like Google Analytics, Flow doesn’t yet provide information about the source of traffic coming into the website. Although it plans to eventually include that information. Where Mixpanel is setting itself apart is by putting significant emphasis on design and accessibility of information.

Jasmine Ashton, April 13, 2012

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