Google Is Your Friend

April 13, 2012

Search Engine Watch recently reported on more search engine optimization paranoia in the article, “SEO & Google: The Ugly Truth.”

The article argues that we’re all paranoid that Google is trying to use its substantial search engine optimization power to screw us over, when in reality, the search giant could care less about us little guys.

The article states:

“Then of course there is the whole problem of the SEO inferiority complex; the need to be special. Maybe it’s because we have been marketing whipping posts. Could have been an accident when it was a child. I’m unsure. I do know that each time Google shuffles to scratch its backside my brethren far and wide start to pronounce how it was somehow just to combat, mislead or piss them off.”

This article did an excellent job of making my search efforts even less important than I thought they were. The SEO experts are trying to find a way to keep their revenues soaring at a time when Google appears to be making an effort to improve its relevance.

Jasmine Ashton, April 13, 2012

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