BrainSpace Strives to Replace Search Technologies

April 24, 2012

Enterprise search technology certainly needs a boost, but PureDiscovery claims to have created something to replace the outdated technology altogether.

The Dallas-based startup has introduced BrainSpace, a technology that doesn’t index data or require users to search for information on a platform. Instead, information will flow to users based on what they want to know as they interact with other content. According to the recent article, “Say Goodbye to Search and Hello to BrainSpace,” the company is already popular in the world of eDiscovery. The article asserts:

“But PureDiscovery has its eyes on even bigger fish, which is why it calls itself the first “post-search company.”

What PureDiscovery really wants to do — and what it’s working on for some customers — is build interest graphs for every user within the company. Aside from determining relationships between documents, that also means determining relationships between people, and between people and documents. It also means mashing up social-graph information with interest-graph information in order to improve how results are ranked and displayed, [CEO Dave] Copps said.”

Though the idea of matching people to documents without completing a search, it seems farfetched to us. Prediction and social analyzing can work to an extent, yet to reach the goals this company has eyes on, mind readers and magicians may be called upon. Perhaps some job recruiting can be completed at Pottermore.

Andrea Hayden, April 23, 2012

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