Fabasoft Mindbreeze Goes Fully Mobile

April 27, 2012

With each of its quarterly releases highly anticipated, Fabasoft Mindbreeze has made exceptionally newsworthy headlines with its Spring 2012 Release.  Read what Daniel Fallmann, founder of Fabasoft Mindbreeze, has to say:

The Fabasoft Mindbreeze 2012 Spring Release is specially designed for tablets and smartphones. Everything that Mindbreeze could previously do on a desktop it can now do on tablets and smartphones too. Apple, Microsoft or Android – it makes no difference. This is important to us, since we’ve been working on strategy 100 for many years – 100% functionality on all platforms.

With more and more business being conducted on mobile devices, Fabasoft Mindbreeze is truly ahead of the pack in its adoption of mobile technology.  The Spring 2012 Release seals their victory over the competition in this area.  Instead of just being “more” capable of mobile searching than its competitors, Fabasoft Mindbreeze is now completely capable of conducting all enterprise functions from mobile devices, regardless of the platform.

Additional improvements include those made to Fabasoft Mindbreeze Insite, a solution that seamlessly integrates between an organization’s enterprise and its public facing web presence, insuring that the web site is always up to date.  Internal users also get continuous updates without having to initiate a search.

Mindbreeze InSite integrates itself smoothly. You can now make your website searchable in the Cloud with InSite and make this data instantly available to internal users.  In this way your website becomes a company- internal information center with maximum synergy effects. To exaggerate it slightly, new products, blog posts etc. concerning the company no longer need to be distributed via e-mail – instead the website automatically becomes the knowledge platform for everyone.

We have always been a fan of the smart solutions by Fabasoft Mindbreeze.  Their adherence to intuitive quarterly updates is another strong selling point, with the Spring 2012 Release giving many organizations a reason to consider a second look.

Emily Rae Aldridge, April 27, 2012

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