Lucid Imagination Previews Solr 4

May 30, 2012

With the first alpha release of Solr 4 promised to us soon, Lucid Imagination posts a “Solr 4 Preview: SolrCloud, NoSQL, and More.” Solr 4 is full of features that enhance existing Solr applications. It also paves the way for new applications by further muddying the distinction between full text search and NoSQL.

Solr Cloud is the code name for the largest set of features. These promise easy scalability to Solr as well as distributed indexing to boost elements such as real time-get, optimistic locking, and durable updates.

Solr 4 incorporates Apache‘s robust distributed coordination project ZooKeeper. This tool contains the Solr configuration as well as cluster meta-data such as hosts, collections, shards, and replicas. The post describes how distributed coordination works in Solr 4:

“When a new node is brought up, it will automatically be assigned a role such as becoming an additional replica for a shard. A bounced node can do a quick ‘peer sync’ by exchanging updates with its peers in order to bring itself back up to date. New nodes, or those that have been down too long, recover by replicating the whole index of a peer while concurrently buffering any new updates.

“An update can be sent to any node in the cluster, and it’s automatically forwarded to the correct node and immediately replicated to a number of other nodes to enable fault tolerance, high availability, and query scalability. Likewise, queries may be sent to any node in a cluster and they will automatically be routed to the correct nodes and load balanced across replicas.”

Solr 4 is packed with other new features, like pivot faceting, pseudo-fields, and a spell checker that can work from the main index to name just a few. See the write up for more.

Lucid Imagination is the commercial company for Lucene and its search server Solr. The company crafts robust scalable search solutions that make the most of the open source technology. Lucid prides itself on making open source search accessible and easy to learn for clients worldwide, many of which are industry heavyweights. These search gurus recently moved to new digs in Redwood City, CA.

Cynthia Murrell, May 30, 2012

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