China Insists on Open Android for Motorola Deal

May 31, 2012

SlashGear puts forth an interesting angle on how Google convinced China to approve its purchase of Motorola Mobility in “Open Android—The Price for China’s Motorola Bid Approval.” Well, maybe it is a perspective on how China squeezed Google for a deal. Could happen we suppose. Is search next?

Having already gotten the go-ahead from US and European authorities, China’s government was the last hurdle for the would-be partners. Concerned for other manufacturers who rely heavily on Android, a pledge to keep that operating system open for at least five years was described as China’s “main condition” for the green light. Writer Chris Davies reports:

“With Motorola brought in-house, suspicions were raised that Google might take a more aggressive approach and follow in Apple’s footsteps, marginalizing other Android OEMs such as HTC and Samsung in the process. Google execs promised that would not happen, with talk of a firewall between the two companies, but have met with no small amount of skepticism in response.

“The Chinese drive for openness would seemingly mean that Android will remain available for all who want it, at least for the next half-decade, though without full details of the deal it’s impossible to know under what conditions that will be the case.”

While we await those details, it is worth pondering what those next five years could bring. Will manufacturers find a workable Android alternative before time is up?

Cynthia Murrell, May 31, 2012

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