Semantic Duet Seems to Harmonize. Will 1+1=3?

June 10, 2012

The enterprise data crowd is being entertained by a new duet according to, fluid Operations and Ontotext Team Up to Usher in the Next Generation of Enterprise Data Management. The article states:

“Ontotext and fluid Operations (fluidOps) have teamed up to offer clients practical enterprise solutions for RDF data mining, access, publishing and search.”

Dr. Andreas Eberhart of fluid Operations predicts an evolution in data management, stating:

“This is really a pairing of best-in-class tools that we feel will usher in the next generation of enterprise data management. There are many players in the semantics space providing bits and pieces of a solution, but Ontotext and fluidOps have proven to deliver turnkey products that deliver a complete solution and have solved real world customer demands.”

Ontotext develops core semantic technology, text mining and web mining solutions. They specialize in creating software for tools and solutions based on semantics that optimize performance in data integration, analysis, evaluation, management and publishing.

fluid Operations is stationed out of Walldorf, Germany and designs open platform software. Their specialty is semantic integration for both structured and unstructured data entwined with business and IT stacks. They also provide infrastructure and cloud monitoring, management and orchestration solutions.

These two software designers harmonize well. The stage is set and this duet may very well write the next data management symphony. Ontotext and fluid are an interesting tie up. It makes us wonder, will 1+1=3?

Jennifer Shockley, June 10, 012


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