Hortonworks Presents a Hadoop Version

June 13, 2012

When one really begins to break down product lifecycle management (PLM) they find at the heart of any platform data management tools.  With this knowledge firmly held as true Hortonworks has released a Hadoop version of their data analytics platform.  The article, “Hortonworks Releases Its Hadoop Version”, on Computer World, explains how the Hadoop platform will make Hortonworks more accessible.

Included in the newest version is a nod to PLM as the article explains:

“To aid in management, the package includes a customized version of Apache Ambari, a Hadoop monitoring and lifecycle management program. With this software, an administrator can set up a single Hadoop instance across a number of servers. Once Hadoop is installed, the software then monitors performance of the servers as well as the Hadoop jobs themselves, presenting the data on a dashboard.”

It is impossible to separate data analytics from data management which, as mentioned above, is the glue that binds all PLM solutions.  Inforbix, a leader in PLM solutions for the engineering industry, has long understood the importance of data management solutions and has achieved a reputation for innovation by providing apps with a focus on finding, sharing and reusing data. With a commitment to open source technology Inforbix is leading the way to the PLM solutions of tomorrow.

Catherine Lamfusss, June 13, 2012


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