Enterprise Search Questions Answered by the Expert behind Fabasoft Mindbreeze

June 14, 2012

When it comes to managing your data, you sometimes need to consult with an expert. Daniel Fallmann is the founder of the independent distribution Mindbreeze Software GmbH. Fallmann holds a Master’s degree in computer science from Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria, and before founding Mindbreeze, he worked in systems architecture, systems development, parallel computing and systems management/monitoring. While working on his Master’s degree, Fallmann worked at Fabalabs, a division of Fabasoft Corporation dedicated to ensuring Fabasoft’s products seamlessly run within enterprise-class environments on an open source stack.

In “Ask the Experts – Daniel Fallmann,” at the Computerwelt.at blog, you can submit your enterprise search questions to Fallmann. His background and product are further explained:

Daniel Fallmann is a recognized expert in enterprise search, information access, enterprise-class architecture and software. The Mindbreeze Software GmbH, based in Linz, is a leading provider of software products for fast and intuitive search to find relevant facts in corporate data and the Internet, particularly in organizations where the size or the variety of data sets to link and cross-search is not yet approved.

Fallmann’s experience with strategy makes him a valuable expert you may want to reach out to with your question. Using open standards, Mindbreeze offers high-performance enterprise search and digital cognition for all kinds of enterprises that also boasts quick and easy install so you can be up and running in no time.

With Mindbreeze Mobile, your users can access valuable business knowledge when they need it, and “Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile is living proof that the time-saving use of an extensive mobile information access does not compromise data security.” The Mindbreeze InSite solution is a Web site search solution based on the power of semantic technology so your Web site visitors can take advantage of intuitive search. And with no installation, configuration, or maintenance required, InSite’s ease lets you focus on more business critical operations.

Here you can read more from Fallmann about efficient Web site semantics solution:

The best search machine is one that doesn’t attract attention but that simply always delivers the right results. Individual, personalized, exact and relevant. Wherever and whenever. It knows what the customer wants and leads them with pinpoint accuracy to the relevant information. Your search environment becomes your center of knowledge.

Navigate to www.mindbreeze.com to learn more about the full suite of solutions.

Philip West, June 14, 2012

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