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June 26, 2012

Every quarter, CPC Strategy magically determines the very “best” comparison shopping engine (CSE) available online.

This determination is based on traffic, revenue, conversion rate, and other factors deemed valuable to online shoppers and merchants. A recent article on Search Engine Watch titled, “The 10 Best Shopping Engines” tells us more about the shopping engines and details each of the top ten and how the CSEs help consumers find deals on products.

The site lists Nextag, Pricegrabber,, and Amazon Product Ads among the leaders. The article comments on each of the ten, including this description of Google Product Search:

“Google Product Search, which is transitioning to become Google Shopping, is a free CSE which generates the most traffic and conversions. Merchants can manually upload feeds or use an FTP to upload in bulk. Google is consistently the best performing CSE. While Google Product Search is a free CSE as of this writing, it will transition to paid by October 15.”

Merchants use such data to tailor their marketing budget and gain more sales on specific sites. We are left to wonder, however, is it really possible to quantify what is “best” in the online shopping world? With so many varying factors and tailored searches and sites, the consumer may be better off to use their own discretion.

Andrea Hayden, June 26, 2012

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