IBM Combines and Expands Decision Management Tools

June 29, 2012

IBM has been working hard to build its technology treasure trove; it has acquired over 30 companies, captured hundreds of analytics patents, and made deals with over 27,000 business partners. Now Yahoo Finance reveals, “IBM Launches New Class of Analytics Software to Improve Decision Making.” So, it appears that after many acquisitions, we now have a new “class” of analytics. How can this be?

The recent release of IBM’s Operational Decision Management software combines the company’s Analytical and Operational Decision Management tools. The combination, the press release asserts, empowers the software to accurately suggest the next best action to its users and their employees. The write up emphasizes:

“In a single platform, IBM has combined the power of business rules, predictive analytics and optimization techniques through intuitive interfaces that allow users to focus on specific business problems.  The resulting decision can be consumed by existing pre-packaged or custom-built applications, including many applications on the mainframe. The platform also takes advantage of IBM InfoSphere Streams technology where big data can be analyzed and shared in motion, providing real-time decision making in environments where thousands of decisions can be made every second.”

IBM also added a new social network analytics feature which expands sentiment analysis capabilities. See the write up and other links above for more information on the software. We agree that these developments may be a welcome evolution. A whole new class of analytics, though? That may be a bit much.

Cynthia Murrell, June 29, 2012

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