Google and Paid Search Results

July 1, 2012

It has become apparent lately that Google’s long-time stance on paid search inclusion is changing. The company has recently begun accepting payments from companies for inclusion in some of its newest search products, such as Google Hotel Finder and Google Flight Search.

Google seems to be taking payment from those desiring to be included in search results, particularly in the area of travel. Extreme Tech’s article, “If Google Cozies Up to Paid Search Listings, Will Semantic Search Suffer?,” tells us more about Google’s jump into paid search results:

“Ask Google if paid listings are starting to appear, and the company does not shy away from its change of heart. Search chief Amit Singhal told Sullivan that the company found that some queries ‘could not be answered based upon just crawled data’ and required Google to ‘license data or go out and establish relationships with data providers.’ In other words, the company’s perfectly fine with it.”

The article’s title poses the question: Will semantic search suffer from this change? We at Beyond Search think not. Our view is that payment improves relevance. With a smaller set comes better data and we are impressed with the model and Google’s openness to change.

Andrea Hayden, July 1, 2012

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