Another Player in the Real Time Operational Intelligence Game

July 21, 2012

A business questing for success in today’s evolving market knows real players play the real time operational intelligence game, and stakes are high. A company has to choose the right pieces to utilize and there are quite a few choices available.

Veteran dashboards may have some competition, as another player just entered the game according to AppGap’s article, “JackBe Extends its Real-Time Operational Intelligence Offering.” Will they play for keeps?

The article threw in lots of interesting screenshots, but the jest was JackBe is offering a dashboard. That doesn’t make them stand out, but what might is Presto.

Presto remote monitoring shows potential for growth, as:

“This can be monitoring turbines, large engines, smart grids, data center storage, Twitter feeds and machine-to-machine monitoring. The goal is to provide more self-service for business users. JackBe Presto allows a tech savvy business person to create and set up dashboards that aggregate data from multiple sources. The goal is to allow the business side to do 80% of the work and leave the 20% of real tough stuff to the IT guys.”

The real gamble is… not much was mentioned about costs and resources (human and machine) for the system. What JackBe is offering sounds good and almost like the Fast Search & Transfer of yesteryear. For now, they are just another player in the Real Time operational intelligence game… but it is their move.

Jennifer Shockley, July 21, 2012

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