IDC Open Source Search Reports Announced

July 23, 2012

IDC has released the first of a series of analyses of open source search vendors. The subject of the report is LucidWords Platform. Lucid Imagination has become one of the key open source search vendors. Data for the IDC “situation overview, future outlook, and essential guidance” is a result of a painstaking process. The IDC research team interviewed principals of Lucid Imagination, conducted a technical analysis of the Lucid technology platform, and used a range of data analysis methods to pinpoint key information from open source content. In addition to detailed, jargon-free information about the Lucid Lucene/Solr approach, the report provides an unvarnished analysis of the firm’s business model.


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One of the important facts uncovered in the course of the research is the strong uptake of Lucid technology in specific market sectors. Also, Lucid, unlike some proprietary and other open source search vendors, has strong venture backing, revenue growth, and a full-time professional open source search technology team. Each of these issues is explored in the IDC report number 236086. You can get additional information about the for-fee report from IDC’s “Get Doc” online service.

The team working on this project included Sue Feldman, who specializes in research on information access technologies including, including search engines, text analytics, categorization, unified access to structured and unstructured information, Big Data, visualization, and rich media search.  Her research analyzes the trends and dynamics of the search and discovery software market and also quantifies the costs of information work to the organization. Ms. Feldman won IDC’s James Peacock Research award for her work on modeling and forecasting the search and retrieval technology markets, and an Innovation Award from IDC in 2007 for developing a new research program on the digital marketplace. She is a frequent speaker at industry events, and has won several national and international awards for her writing.  She wrote the chapter on search engines for the 1999 volume of the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science and was the first editor of the IEEE Computer Society’s Digital Library News.  She is currently writing a book, The Answer Machine concerning the future of technology for information access.  Before coming to IDC in 2000, Ms. Feldman was President for twenty years of Datasearch, an independent technology consulting firm, where she consulted on new retrieval technologies such as natural language processing, search engines, usability of online systems, and digital libraries.

Dave Schubmehl is Research Manager for IDC’s Search, Content Analytics and Discovery research.  His research covers information access technologies including content analytics, search systems, unstructured information representation, unified access to structured and unstructured information, Big Data, visualization, and rich media search.  This research analyzes the trends and dynamics of the content analytics, search and discovery software markets and the costs, benefits and workflow impacts of solutions that use these technologies. Mr. Schubmehl has over 25 years of experience working in the fields of enterprise search, information access and content analytics delivering products and services.  Prior to IDC, he was the Vice-President of Product Strategy for Janya, a provider of semantic analysis tools and solutions. Before Janya, he was the North American Account Manager for Fairview Research LLC, a consulting organization specializing in intellectual property and content analysis solutions.  He also served as the Vice-President and General Manager of the Discovery Products enterprise search business unit at Open Text Corporation. He has extensive experience in the development, marketing and sales of information access and search software as well as content and document management systems.  Prior to Open Text, Mr. Schubmehl was the Director of Development and Support for BRS Software Products and started his professional life as a software developer. Mr. Schubmehl attended the University at Albany.

Assisting with this particular document and the comprehensive analysis of the open source search sector are Constance Ard, Dr. Tyra Oldham, and other members of the ArnoldIT research team. The ArnoldIT team produces a range of proprietary reports on such subjects as opportunities in social channel publishing, the future of proprietary search, the myths and realities of predicitve analytics. You can obtain a free copy of The New Landscape of Search when you write and sign up for ArnoldIT’s no-holds-bar weekly newsletter about next-generation information retrieval, Honk, a no-fee, opt-in newsletter from the ArnoldIT research team.

Stephen E Arnold, who contributed to the analysis, said:

The landscape of search has been reworked in the last 36 months. Proprietary technology vendors now find that open source search and content processing solutions have emerged as an alternative to the technology available from such companies as Autonomy (Hewlett Packard), Endeca (Oracle), Exalead Dassault Systèmes, Fast Search (Microsoft), InQuira (Oracle), and RightNow (Oracle). IDC’s research initiative in this area breaks new ground and sets the stage for deeper strategic analyses. Sue Feldman and her team are among the first of the blue chip consulting firms to put open source search in a business context.

Mr. Arnold added, “The majority of the information in this analysis has not previously been assembled nor covered in such specialty publications as Beyond Search or Open Search News. The IDC report presents new information plus an informed analysis of the LucidWorks’ technology.”

Anthony Safina, Information Broker, July 23, 2012

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For more information about the report, contact IDC at the company’s Web site.


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