Siemens Recognizes Asian Manufactures

July 25, 2012

The Asian manufacturing market is one of the fastest growing markets for utilizing product lifecycle management solutions.  In an effort to recognize the efforts and hard work of Asian enterprises Siemens presents its annual Asian-Pacific Innovation Awards.  According to the recent Manufacturer’s Monthly article, “Siemens PLM Software Celebrates Ingenuity in Asia”, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers won this year’s highest honor for implementing Technomatix portfolio enabling them to come closer than ever to real-time manufacturing.

As the article explains of the award,

“The top award is presented to the company that uses PLM technology in a way that enables them to be a hallmark of success in the manufacturing industry, maximising the value derived from their products throughout the entire lifecycle to streamline their productivity and performance. While Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers walks away with top honors, it is not alone in showing ingenuity and innovation in its use of Siemens PLM Software’s technology. Each of the nominees demonstrated outstanding innovation in their application of PLM solutions for their businesses.”

Recognizing manufacturers for their progress is very important especially during turbulent economic times.  Behind every successful manufacturer is an equally great PLM provider that often goes overlooked.  We like to bring attention to all of the state-of-the-art PLM providers that work tirelessly to allow manufacturers around the world to reduce waste and solve complex manufacturing issues through new data management solutions.

Catherine Lamsfuss, July 25, 2012



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