Open Search Engine has Black Duck Soaring to New Heights

July 27, 2012

Black Duck is getting some wing support from Ohloh and plans on helping developers soar to new heights in the future.

Now, by utilizing the Ohloh code and open source search engine, Black Duck can give flocks of developers a new flight plan. eWeek’s article “Black Duck Launches Open Data Initiative, New Code Search Engine” tells us developers can utilize a free comprehensive resource to find and explore open source projects and code.

The officials at Black Duck stated:

“Visible metrics help open source project teams better manage the operations of their projects, track progress, recruit new members and share their progress with others. Black Duck’s decision to open up the data in Ohloh will make it easier for open source projects to be more transparent about the success and activity of a project.”

“We’re proud to freely license Ohloh data under this respected license, and believe that making this resource more accessible will allow contributors and consumers of open source gain unique insight, leading to more rapid development and adoption.”

Since 2002 Black Duck Software has been giving developers strategy, products, and services for the enterprise scale adoption of open source software. Their adaption of the Ohloh code and search engine gives developers a direction to fly other than south.

The tail feathers of the Black Duck may just carry developers way above the clouds in the future.

Jennifer Shockley, July 27, 2012

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