Sinequa Generates Voltage at Siemens

July 28, 2012

The electricity is flowing at Siemens, and Sinequa is generating the voltage. LeMagIt’s article “Siemens Adopts Sinequa for its Retrieval” talks about their new collaborative platform for business information and expertise exchange.
The project is called TechnoSearch, and it makes short work of mass data, combining it into an efficient, accessible data source with the TechnoWeb Siemens. They will be implementing a mass of knowledge and technological know-how from millions of documents, databases and applications and combining it within one unified source. This opens the door to a range of uses and collaborations in the future.

According to Thomas Lackner, director of the project “Open Innovation” at Siemens:

“The traditional document management systems often provide insufficient research capacity. In addition, some information is available only to a select group of employees and some teams work closed using Web 2.0 technologies for communication and knowledge sharing. Our goal was to establish a universal solution for all our employees abroad, which extracts the relevant information from data sources the most diverse and put available to all via a single platform.”

The highly charged current may continue into the future, as Siemans has plans on extending applications. Currently they are supported on TechnoSearch Sinequa SS8, where unified access is granted to content for those connected.

Open innovation is a bright concept, but with high voltage comes risk. Let us hope Siemens has a surge protector, just in case.

Jennifer Shockley, July 28, 2012

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