Google Introduces the Knowledge Graph

August 28, 2012

Jon Mitchell of Read Write Web recently reported on some new developments with the Google search results in the article “How Google Organizes the World: Q&A With Manager of Knowledge Graph.”

In the article, Mitchell interviews Emily Moxley, Google’s lead project manager for the Knowledge Graph, which appears on the right hand side of the page displaying facts and images about the subject of Google queries along with the usual Web results.

When asked how things are added to the Knowledge Graph and if it learns new concepts from users, Moxley replied:

“It’s very actively maintained by Google employees. Metaweb, before, was this repository of entities and facts, and [the company’s employees] were very much using their intuition about what people cared about and what information to go find. Since they’ve been acquired by Google, Google has all these users looking for information, and from that, we’re able to see what things are interesting about the world. Through that, we’re able to grow the Knowledge Graph in an efficient direction.”

I’m glad to hear that Google is going back to what it does best. Focusing on search. Google is indeed wonderful. Now do I get a mouse pad and a free Odwalla juice for mentioning that obvious point?

Jasmine Ashton, August 28, 2012

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