Open Source Technology Embraced by Social Leader Twitter

September 10, 2012

Most Tweeters are likely not aware that they are using open source technology every time they use the social networking site. We get a good look at Twitter’s open source approach in the article “The Open Source Technology Behind Every Tweet” on Datamation. The article gives insight from Chris Aniszcyzyk, the open source manager at Twitter. Twitter technology runs on the Java Virtual Machine and uses Scala programming language.

The article informs us:

“Aniszcyzyk stressed that Twitter isn’t just a consumer of open source technologies, it also contributes, too.

At the the top of Aniszcyzyk’s list of Twitter’s open source contributions is the Bootstrap HTML framework. Bootstrap is routinely one of the most popular project on the GitHub open source code repository.

Overall, Aniszcyzyk says that Twitter now has over 80 projects on GitHub. Rather than list them all alphabetically, he detailed the anatomy of how a Tweet is sent and delivered using open source tech.”

Twitter is debatably one of the most prevalent and important companies of our time as social networking becomes king of the Web. This embrace of open source technology may mean big things to come for companies that specialize in this technology as they gain more recognition.

Andrea Hayden, September 10, 2012

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