Google Results Only Small Percentage of Page View

September 12, 2012

Google has been the reigning king of search since the early 2000s, yet it seems its services are slacking and that may change. According to a blog post on Jitbit titled “Google Search is Only 18% Search,” the actual organic results you immediately see on your screen when you search Google are very few. The blog poster’s example includes a 1280×960 pixel screen, with search results being 535×424 pixels. That’s 18.5% percent of the window.

The article informs us of the shortcomings:

“Let’s count the links – the clickable text UI elements.
The page has about 45 different links in total. Only 5 of them are the actual search results (I do not count the ‘sitelinks’ – the sub-links shown under some results and ADs). Which makes it about 11%. Only 11% of the total links on the page are the actual search results.
(If we do include the ‘sitelinks,’ it makes 57 links, 10 of which are the results, which is 17.6%).”

With real results losing very strongly in area size to advertisements, we wonder how long it will take for avid Google users to become fed up with the ratio. Google became search leader with its relevant and quick results, but with those attributes diminishing, the Goog may flounder in Yahoo form.

Andrea Hayden, September 12, 2012

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