Social Media Adoption Facts for 2012

September 20, 2012

I read “Enterprise Social Media Adoption in 2012.” The information is presented in “infographic” form, and there were two interesting items which caught my attention. The first is the level of understanding of social media. What’s striking is that the “knowledge” seems to be low except among Gen X/Y employees and senior management. I understand the the Gen X/Y understanding at 28 percent of the sample. But the 27 percent understanding among senior management strikes me as high. The question I had, “How was the sample developed?” The second surprise was that fear of negative impacts and a lack of understanding of the benefits of social media were more important than other factors such as cost. In my experience, cost is one of the major concerns. It takes humans to “do” social media. Humans are expensive. You will want to check out the full infographic to ferret out nuggets of interest to you. I did not find any reference to searching for social media content. Despite the talk, finding specific items from social media content streams remains a difficult task.

Stephen E Arnold, September 20, 2012

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