Yandex Offers Cloud Storage Service to Compete with GDrive

September 21, 2012

Looks like Yandex is jumping on the latest search vendor bandwagon and offering cloud storage service, joining the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive. The “Google of Russia” has unveiled Yandex Disk which is currently in its beta version and can synchronize files across multiple devices.’s article,  “Yandex, the ‘Google of Russia,’ Erects Own GDrive,” shares with us about Yandex’s hopes to continue to hold off the Google monopoly.

The article tells us more about the competition between search leaders:

“[…]the giants of the web are building their own services. Apple introduced iCloudlast October, Microsoft re-launched SkyDrive in April, and Google launched GDrive the next day. But much like its U.S. counterparts, Yandex has been expanding beyond search into other areas, such as digital music sales, e-commerce, and much more. The company has also been inching into international markets with English- and Turkish-language products and services.”

Besides Yandex’s powerful role in Russia and Baidu’s presence in China, Google easily is the strongest and most visible search vendor worldwide. However, with all of these changes in services by other leaders in the market, Google will need to stay on its game to ward off the competition, because it is fierce.

Andrea Hayden, September 21, 2012

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