Lissted Streams Tweets and Analyzes Data

October 5, 2012

Discovering what is going on in the world and tracking news stories can be difficult in an overwhelming arena of social media updates. However, Twitter-based media relations platform Lissted is making that task a little easier for journalists and PR professionals. We learn about the company’s developments in “Trend Data and Sentiment Analysis Added to Twitter Tool” on MrWeb, which reports that Lissted has added trend data and sentiment analysis to its platform. The platform currently streams and indexes Tweets from journalists across the world.

The article tells us more about the features and benefits of this technology:

“As well as displaying the top trends across its database, Lissted now enables subscribers to look for trends within a specific group, showing the most talked about topics at a specific time or within a particular field of interest.

The new sentiment analysis feature – which is powered by Lexalytics’Salience Engine – assesses the language used in a tweet, to gauge whether tone is positive, negative, or neutral.”

This increased Twitter functionality shows the capabilities that sufficient data analysis can provide to numerous business and media outlets. We think keeping pace with social networking updates is essential to managing the chaos of data.

Andrea Hayden, October 05, 2012

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