Mobile Search Improves as Cloudant Integrates Full Text Indexing

October 16, 2012

The mobile app field is on fire right now as more businesses add Web and mobile applications, and one company is making great strides in mobile search capabilities. Cloudant has announced its cloud database service is adding full-text indexing and search powered by Apache Lucene. We learn in “Cloudant Upgrades Cloud Database Server With Integrated Text Indexing and Search Basedon Apache Lucene” on PRNewswire that Cloundant “Search 2.0” allows developers to enhance their Web and mobile apps with full-text search and analysis of documents.

The article continues:

“‘Search 2.0 enables the types of text analytics that just aren’t possible with the limited in-database search capabilities of SQL or other search systems,’ said Mike Miller, co-founder and chief scientist at Cloudant. ‘I can’t think of any application out there that wouldn’t benefit from better search. By drawing on the speed and simplicity of Lucene, we are able to provide developers with an easy, familiar way to do that for large amounts of application data that will perform at-scale for massive amounts of users.’”

While Cloudant’s moves in the mobile search field are impressive, our research indicates that accurate enterprise search is still needed in the industry. Intrafind’s enterprise search applications can answer the need to “find information securely.” The company’s iFinder is a basic solution for structured and unstructured enterprise data, allowing users to gain access the information needed in an enterprise quickly and efficiently.

Andrea Hayden, October 16, 2012

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