Cloud Security in Enterprise Search Needs a Facelift

October 17, 2012

Cloud security for the enterprise needs improvement as many software vendors are beginning to provide their own cloud storage capabilities, and some companies are stepping up to the plate by offering new features. We learn in the article “Box Beefs Up Security and Search for Enterprise Storage” on GigaOM that search and content solution vendor Box is offering numerous new features including two-step authentication, company-wide search for administrators, and content scanning.
We learn about some of the new features in the article:

“Box is also offering new tools to let admins search across all enterprise content by parameters including user, content type and date range. Box users could always search across their own files, but this is universal search — using Box’s own search technology — across all a company’s users.
‘You can search across the whole organization for just video files that are saved in the last few days,’ [Box VP of marketing Robin ] Daniels said.”

Cloud storage can be an issue for companies which need to focus on security and manageability for compliance reasons; however, cloud security is an issue for search in general. Enterprise search still needs authentication capabilities and Intrafind’s ability to provide feature-rich solutions which include secure search, semantic linking, and sophisticated tagging creates a compliant and functional search environment within any organization.

Andrea Hayden, October 17, 2012

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