PolySpot Takes Companies Past A Positive Point of No Return

November 9, 2012

More and more organizations have learned how to stop worrying and love big data. In fact, Econsultancy has ventured to say that as a collective, organizations and media alike are no longer questioning the major role big data will play in shaping business strategy and growth. The article “Passing the Big Data Point of No Return” describes this buy-in and how it particularly helps marketing departments.

The ability to demonstrate marketing ROI was nowhere near solidified until big data came into the picture. It has caused an increase in digital marketing spend growth from an estimated $25 billion to and anticipated $50 billion by 2015.

We also learned the following:

Marketing has been a notoriously difficult discipline to prove ROI and marketers have always been under a high level of scrutiny to demonstrate real business value. But now, we have the ability to more efficiently understand unmet needs in key customer and market segments, alongside the opportunity to test and responding to the most effective ways to stimulate customer engagement throughout the buying process. Through this Big Data can facilitate more accurate risk modeling, campaign optimization, real-time social sentiment analysis, real-time ROI measurement—and much more.

We have no doubt that ROI will drive big data even further past the point of no return. When information and insights are delivered near real-time to employees across the enterprise with software solutions like PolySpot, productivity will be hard-pressed not to increase.

Megan Feil, November 9, 2012

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