New KnowledgeLake Capture Features Announced

November 14, 2012

KnowledgeLake, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, develops document imaging related products and solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. In the press release, “KnowledgeLake Continues to Advance the Capabilities of Capture Solution for Microsoft SharePoint,” some new KnowledgeLake capabilities are announced. The author states:

Tightly integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, KnowledgeLake Capture enables end users to easily scan and index documents and store them in the appropriate SharePoint repository. A few of the new developments added to the robust solution include the ability to scan and index documents faster, scan multiple batches at a time, added language support and advances to prioritization functionality.

This is also added about Capture capabilities:

Capture’s sophisticated Batch Processing and Monitoring, allow for multiple documents of many different types to be scanned, viewed and indexed efficiently.

It seems like KnowledgeLake is making a few strides in SharePoint solution development. But when it comes to extending SharePoint capabilities, you may want to consider industry leaders, like Mindbreeze, that provide more than just SharePoint tailored services and have already been offering robust document indexing capabilities. Fabasoft Mindbreeze provides comprehensive access to business knowledge for everyone on the team and is backed by a customer focused support team that shares your purpose. The Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange Connectors facilitate comprehensive incorporation of all your electronic data repositories.

Philip West, November 14, 2012

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