SharePoint 2013 Walk Through from Search Technologies

November 16, 2012

With the recent release of SharePoint 2013 to manufacturing clients as well as volume licensing customers, people are struggling to find information about the product to prepare for the transition.

New information is available about SharePoint 2013’s search capabilities in a recent blog post from Search Technologies. The post, “Search for SharePoint 2013,” provides a high-level summary and a functional walk-through of the capabilities, including crawling, content and analytics processing, and query processing.

The article also breaks down the main headlines about the release:

“The FAST search technology, acquired by Microsoft in 2008, is at the heart of SharePoint 2013

Technologies and ideas from Bing and elsewhere have been added to the mix to provide a comprehensive set of enterprise search capabilities, with plenty of room for customization

It includes a rules-based query parsing framework

Pricing has not yet been formally announced, but it is generally assumed that this search functionality will be a standard part of SharePoint 2013.”

We found the information on SharePoint which is available at this site to be informative and easy to digest. Browsing the blog brought up numerous other points of specialties in the IT services and search engine field of expertise. Other articles can be found at We recommend adding this blog to your must-read list.

Andrea Hayden, November 16, 2012

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