More Enhancements to Google Translate

November 17, 2012

Tech Crunch recently reported on some new enhancements to Google’s translation service in the article, “Google Translate Gets a Better Dictionary with Smarter Rankings, Reverse Translations and Grouped Synonyms.”

According to the article, Google Translate, a beta service provided by Google to translate a section of text into another language, has come out with some new features that make it easier to decide which translation of a word the querier is looking for. It also groups synonymous translations together when their meaning is closely related and provides reverse translations.

The article states:

“Google Translate will now rank possible translations by frequency. Every possible translation is now also marked as common, uncommon or rare and this ranking is based on, as Google says, “the vast number of translations we use to train our system.” Very rare translations will actually be hidden by default, but you can bring them back with a single click.”

With a globalized world and more and more people looking overseas to find work, translation programs like Google Translate are becoming more and more imperative for English speakers. We appreciate the Search Giant’s recognition of this fact and ability to proactively incorporate a translation service into its services.

Jasmine Ashton, November XX, 2012

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