Efficient Software Leads to Increased Efficiency in Overall Operations and ROI

December 5, 2012

Efficient enterprise operations are a necessity in today’s evolving business world and entrepreneurs are becoming more specific regarding their need for customizable software designs. Their increasing demands have the market flooded with new developers offering pretty buttons and a friendly interface, but end results can often be disappointing.

For the most part, companies share a common thread for cloud operations and the desired end result is ROI. ZDNet’s article “More than Software, as a Service” talks about how developers can stand out in the industry crowd:

“Therefore, what they want delivered from the cloud is rarely software on its own, but software in combination with other non-software components that add up to a useful outcome. This is using the cloud to do what it’s best at — providing access to a pooled, specialist resource that would be hugely more costly to implement separately for each individual business. It wouldn’t be possible to do this without the software (nor the cloud), but it’s the addition of live expertise that completes the service.”

The end result is efficient software leads to increased efficiency in overall operations and ROI. When looking at software options, companies will find utilizing an established developer that offers not only start up project management but also long term software support to be a reliable choice. Professionals can rely on providers such as Intrafind, that can deploy secure search solutions through the cloud that match the demands of the pharmaceutical and financial industries is a safe bet.

Jennifer Shockley, December 5, 2012

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