LucidWorks Makes Big Data Useful

December 5, 2012

Enterprise search is such a buzz word, that it not only sounds like a good idea, but it has almost become a mandatory one. Organizations do not sounds relevant or effective unless they have an enterprise search platform in place, and yet finding one that lessens the workload without deepening it is a challenge. Michael Vizard tackles that challenge in his recent article, “LucidWorks Breathes Programmable Life into Big Data and Enterprise Search.”

Vizard begins:

“Collecting data is one thing; however, making actual use of it is another. Enterprise search clearly has a role to play in terms of making Big Data accessible; the challenge is doing it in a way that other applications can utilize. To address that specific issue, LucidWorks this week formally released LucidWorks Big Data, an application development environment that brings together Hadoop, Mahout, Hive and Lucene/Solr enterprise search technology in a way that is designed to make these technologies accessible to the average developer by using a single RESTful application programming interface.”

Vizard goes on to point out that LucidWorks is one of the few serious competitors in the Big Data arena that relies on open source technology. If your organization is considering experimenting with Big Data, LucidWorks may be the only option that makes it both affordable and feasible, with its out-of-the-box operability.

Emily Rae Aldridge, December 05, 2012

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