Using Solutions to Make Big Data Meaningful Proves to be a Competitive Advantage

December 18, 2012

While some say that big data will hurt small businesses while elevating larger enterprises to the top, we now see a different opinion emerging. The CEO of Intuit, Brad Smith believes that consumers and small businesses will benefit from the big data revolution. Read Write published the article “Intuit CEO: Big Data Can Be ‘The Great Equalizer’” on the subject that delves into more detail.

Smith’s opinions are informed by a recent study, “The New Data Democracy: How Big Data Will Revolutionize The Lives Of Small Businesses and Consumers,” which was conducted by Emergent Research. This study blends a mix of research and forecasting. The article alludes that forecasting might be more closely described as “wishful thinking.”

Steve King, partner at Emergent Research conducted the research in the study and told Read Write:

‘Big data is definitely going to kill some small businesses. Small businesses that don’t get with this will be severely disadvantaged, ‘especially firms reliant on location or opaque pricing. They’re going to get hammered. On the other hand, small companies that do manage to take advantage of big data will have an advantage compared to other small businesses, and be better positioned to compete with big businesses.’

Having the tools in place to utilize big data in meaningful ways puts a company at a huge advantage in the current market. PolySpot provides a solution in this arena that many companies look to for disseminating enriched data ready for analysts to use in churning out insights.

Megan Feil, December 18, 2012

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