Coveo and Sitecore Combine

December 19, 2012

MarketWire hosts a very interesting announcement: “Coveo and Sitecore Offer a More Personalized, Relevant Approach to Enterprise Search.” It sounds a lot like what you would get if you combined Endeca and Vivisimo. The press release tells us:

“Coveo integrates seamlessly with Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform to provide the extensibility and scalability to enable more personalized website searches. Coveo accomplishes this by enabling unified information access from an unlimited number of disparate data sources, directly within an organization’s website, as well as UI configurability and other advanced search and navigation functionalities. . . . Using Coveo and Sitecore to power customer self-service sites enables customers to solve even complex challenges online, reducing customer support costs and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Coveo taps into meta-data to bring contextually-relevant, faceted search to Sitecore’s platform. The companies are renewing the partnership after successfully pursuing a number of joint projects. Sitecore’s Amar Patel praised Coveo’s ability to deliver relevance; J.P. Provencal of Coveo admires Sitecore’s passion for innovation.

Sitecore combines web content management with customer intelligence in their Customer Engagement Platform. Sitecore serves several big-name companies, like American Express, Microsoft, and Nestle. Established in 2001, the company now maintains offices around the world.

Coveo was founded in 2005 by some members of the team which developed Copernic Desktop Search. The company serves organizations large, medium, and small with solutions that aim to be agile and easy to use yet scalable, fast, and efficient.

Cynthia Murrell, December 19, 2012

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